organized by:
università di trento trentino sviluppo
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provincia autonoma di trento
Trento 14-15 October 2017

First Hackathon
on Italian Football

Marathon of Innovation

FIGC (the Italian Football Association) organizes the first global federal hackathon of the world of football.


For two days, the leadership of Italian football will be in Trento for the “Days of Italian Football: FIGC, innovation and new technologies”.

FIGC wishes to innovate, experiment and surf the wave of new technologies and of new business models applied to football, because FIGC profoundly believes in the frontiers of innovation.

For this reason we ask you, future innovators, to develop new ideas linked with two dimensions of the world of football: match analysis and the Community of members of FIGC.

match analysis
Match analysis
how to analyse big data
in the world of football
tesserati figc
Community of
 members of FIGC
how to improve/valorize the relationship between FIGC and ist members (beyond 1.300.000)
Parallel to the hackathon, a series of public events, conferences and meetings on the world of football will be organized and football managers, players, sponsors, partners, journalists and communication experts will participate in the debates.
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The organization of the hackathon
The University of Trento – in collaboration with the Autonomous Province of Trento and TrentinoSviluppo – will host the hackathon on Italian football on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th October 2017.  

It will be the first hackathon on football in Italy, the first organized by FIGC, the second at an international level (after the hackathon of Manchester City) and the first hackathon ever realized by a national football federation at an international level.

The hackathon is organized under the High Patronage of the European Commission - Education, Culture, Youth and Sport (represented by Mr Tibor Navracsics), the European Parliament (President Antonio Tajani), CONI (Italian Olympic Committee/President Malagó) and the Italian Minister for Sport (Luca Lotti). The hackathon represents one of the Outputs of KickOff and it will be realized as a consequence of KickOff, the official think tank of Italian Football, an annual meeting organised by FIGC, a true laboratory for the production of ideas, contents and projects oriented towards Innovation, finalized to enrich the cultural football heritage through a multiplicity of competennces and experiences.
The hackathon will become an "annual (and public) version of KickOff", a laboratory of ideas and the creation of a new community of innovators focused on Football.  
What is an hackathon?
An hackathon (= “marathon for hackers”) is a 24-hour marathon for virtuous innovators and computer “hackers”, an event where innovators, potential entrepreneurs, experts and people passionate about technologies, software and applied research participate with the objective of defining business project, prototypes of technological solutions and/or software applications specifically linked with the theme of the event.
The hackathon is a meeting point where virtuous high-tech people, people passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship (as well as football) gather and aggregate in order to create and submit to the evaluation of a jury of experts applied solutions and/or projects in the field of the “theme” of the contest.
Usually, hackathons are commissioned by big industries, groups and brands in order to obtain rapidly tangible results and in order to enter in contact with a community, increasingly influential, of innovators and talents in the field of new technologies.
Who can participate?
Any person, Italian or international, passionate about numbers and/or computer and/or football, can participate to the hackathon.
From expert software developers to designers, students and football fans.
Usually, the participant to an hackathon could be divided into developers, graphic/designers and business-minded economists/statisticians. But this hackathon is different: it is open to anybody who has an idea applicable to the world of football.
We search for the new idea for FIGC and everybody can contribute with ideas, intuitions, insights and opportunities (programmers, analysts, researchers, psychologists, trainers, footballers, referees and members of FIGC).
We encourage the participation of people with all possible background: from programmers who have already experienced different hackathons to first-time hackathon participants – we are open to everybody and faced to the challenges of football we are all equal.
The quality we search for are ability (with numbers or with football), enthusiasm and intellectual curiosity.
The deadline for registration is Sunday OCTOBER 1st at midnight. We will communicate to the participants the selection results within October 4th.
To attend the event, please register at:

For press accreditation, please register at:



10:15 - 12
Closed-door session - Event for the 150 selected hackers invited to attend the “Marathon of Innovation of FIGC”, with the partecipation of the Provincial Minister for Sport, Tiziano Mellarini, who has shared the Vision with FIGC and the local/international stakeholders and has profoundly supported the initiative 

Welcome and Introduction - The Revolution of Total Innovation in Football
Benedetta Rizzo, KickOff FIGC - Event Organizer
Paolo Bouquet, University of Trento - Delegate for Sports
Francesco Anesi, Hackathon FIGC - Institutional Coordinator

Talk: Football in the Future…Today!

Introduction and moderation: Andrea Di Caro, Deputy Director of Gazzetta dello Sport

Keynote speakers:
Valter Di Salvo, FIGC - Responsible of Performance and Research (Club Italia)
Roberto Rosetti, Lega Serie A - Video Assistant Referee (VAR) Project Leader

Talk: Assist by technology - Match Analysis and New Frontiers

Introduction and moderation: Daniele Manusia, Director of           

Round table:

  • Antonio Gagliardi, FIGC - Responsible of Match Analysis
  • Milena Bertolini, FIGC - Women’s A National Team Coach
  • Luigi Di Biagio, FIGC - Under 21 National Team Coach
  • Luca Toni, 2006 FIFA World Champion


Talk: Football and Innovation: Strategies and Visions for the Future

Introduction and moderation: Luca Corsolini, Sport Communication Manager - Symbola Fondazione per le qualità italiane

Round table (1):
Participants coming from European Football Federations

Pills on innovation Andrea David Rizzi, YouTube/Google - Strategic Partnership Manager
Introduction and moderation: Vittoria Gozzi, Wylab - CEO

Round table (2):

  • Marco Bicocchi Pichi, ItaliaStartup - President
  • Marco Nazzari, Nielsen Sports Italy - Managing Director
  • Luigi De Siervo, Infront Italy - CEO
  • David Bartolucci, SHADO (H-FARM) - Founder & CEO




Talk: An Outlook on Football, Sport and New Technologies

Keynote Speaker: Gianpiero Lotito, FacilityLive - Founder & CEO
Moderator: Carlo Alberto Carnevale Maffé, SDA Bocconi and Scientific Coordinator of the Hackathon

Round table:

  • Iris Cordoba, Global Sports Innovation Center powered by Microsoft - General Director
  • Paolo Costa, Spindox - Founder
  • Achim Ittner, SAP - Director Business Development Sports
  • Luca Spinelli, Clariba (SAP Gold Partner) - Managing Director Qatar & Global Director of Sales


Talk: Football, Social Media and the New World

Pills on Startup: Emanuela Zaccone, - Digital Entrepreneur, Marketing and Product Manager

Round table:

  • Raffaele Poli, CIES (FIFA Research Center) - Director & Founder
  • Luca Casassa, SportSuite - General Manager & Partner
  • Maurizio Rossini, TrentinoMarketing - CEO
  • David Casalini, StartupItalia! - President

Moderator: Paola Bottelli, journalist and member of the Scientific Committee and of Board of  Museum of Football Foundation

Break & arrival of 150 hackers at Humanities Department

Presentation of Hackathon’s 10 Finalist Projects (3 minutes per group)

Meeting of the Jury for electing the Winning Projects       

Talk: Innovation and Sport in Europe and Italy: future synergies

Pills of Culture: Antonio Libonati, Youth Committee of the Italian Committee at UNESCO - Co-Founder & General Secretary

Introduction and moderation: Francesco Anesi, Hackathon FIGC - Institutional Coordinator
Alessandro Olivi, Provincia Autonoma di Trento - Vice President and Council Member for Economy and Labour Development
Piero Zanchi, Accenture Digital - Managing Director
Cesare Furlanello, Bruno Kessler Foundation - Head of Data Science MPBA Project

Award of Winning Projects

Conclusions: A Look to Past and Future

Paolo Collini, University of Trento - Rector of University of Trento
Paolo Pretti, TrentinoSviluppo - Operation Direction
Ilan Hadar, Hype Foundation - Partner & Chief Innovation Officer
Sara Ferrari. Provincia Autonoma di Trento - Council Member for Education, Youth Policies, Equality and Cooperation for Development


How does the selection takes place?
A little bit of competition does not hurt. We wish to select the best ideas for FIGC.
We will try to select the best participants for the hackathon.
Our intention is to create inter-disciplinary teams (up to 5 members) who will be called to solve the two parallel challenges (match Analysis and the Community of FIGC members). Our selection will be based on capabilities, motivation and the approach to the hackathon.
Given the limited numbers of participants, if the event is oversubscribed and we will reach the maximum limit of participants, we will try to give special access to those who have talents and innovative ideas.
What shall I bring with me?
Take your own portable computer. The “brief” of the hackathon will be distributed in digital and paper form.
If selected, you will receive an email with some documentation and background material, finalized to the preparation of the challenges, which will be explained and exposed in the early morning of October 14th, 2017.
It will be a memorable weekend for all participants.
For those who wish to take a nap during the hackathon, please bring a sleeping bag and toiletries.
Food and beverages will be provided continuously by the organizers during the weekend.

How do I create a team and why?
You can register as a team, but you can also register as an individual – there will be time to find the proper members of a team in the preliminary phases of the hackathon.
We will try to create inter-disciplinary and balanced teams.

What is the objective of the hackathon?
FIGC wishes to innovate, experiment and surf the waves of new technologies and of new business models applied to football, because FIGC profoundly believes in the frontiers of innovation.
We wish to stimulate the creativity of participants and we wish to create a special environment around them.
FIGC wishes to enter in dialogue with research, university and the young generation and to create new solutions and modalities of interaction with the football community.
There will be time to create a team and to create new concepts.
The overarching objective is to let new ideas emerge, in line with the philosophy and the mission of FIGC.

Which are the prizes?
There will be two 5000-Euro prizes, one for each (parallel) challenge.
There will also be special prizes for ad hoc challenges, thanks to the support of our sponsors.
NEW - Who owns my work and IP?
Teams confirm to be the sole owner of any Intellectual Property Right in relation to projects, ideas and work created in the event.

Participants acknowledge and agree that all rights in relation to the utilization of winning projects, ideas and work shall be assigned to FIGC.

Furthermore, within six months from the conclusion of the event, FIGC reserves the right to exploit any not-winning idea, project or work created in the event.

FIGC could develop and incubate, in collaboration with the Team, one or more projects in the future. 

Teams shall have the exclusive right to be recognized as authors of the works, projects and ideas created in the event.

Participants shall acknowledge, accept and sign regulations of the event and a non-disclosure agreement.
Is the hackathon free?
Yes, the participation to the hackathon is completely free.
Food and beverages will be provided by the organizers continuously during the weekend.
Come to Trento and feel at home. We encourage everybody to remain for all the duration of the hackathon.
We will not reimburse travel and/or accommodation expenditure.


Humanities Department
University of Trento
Via Tommaso Gar, 14
38122 Trento 

Povo 2 – Scientific and Technological Pole "Fabio Ferrari"
University of Trento
Via Sommarive 9
38123 Povo (Trento)
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